Our principles guide our relationships with clients and colleagues enabling us to create outstanding and sustainable client-centred solutions.

Sustainable Performance

We work with organizations that seek sustainable improved performance. We will not support a culture where return on investment is achieved at the cost of burn out.

Enjoyment and Meaning

We craft interventions and programmes that generate lasting impact by being both enjoyable and meaningful and resonate long after we have left the room.

Evidenced-based and artful

We are an evidenced-based practice. We draw on science in the form of occupational and coaching psychology. We are artful about how that science is applied to maximise the learning and effectiveness of each project.

Pragmatism and measurability

We are pragmatic. We drive sustainable performance by keeping our focus on desired outcomes but also individual and team well-being, capability building and goal and activity alignment. We set appropriate metrics to measure our contribution and to ensure success connects to our client’s competitive advantage.

Courage and Nurture

We seek to act with courage and invite the same from our clients. In doing so, we nurture the best in ourselves and our clients, believing that lifelong learning is the key to most of the challenges we face in life and therefore at work.

Ethics and Connection

We adhere to the professional codes of ethics of: British Psychology Society (BPS), European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) ensuring that there is complete integrity in our practice.

Integrity has another meaning for us: in our work we aim for integrated solutions that connect every facet of a leadership team together more effectively.