Programmes For Coaches

Our extensive experience of developing coaching skills stretches back to the mid 1990s. We see effective coaching as an essential skill for the modern leader and the successful consultant and instrumental in the development both of leaders and their teams. We take a ‘full spectrum’ approach to coaching where the coach uses all the skills, experience and insight at their disposal to ensure sustainable performance and continued client development. It is a practical and thorough approach.

We offer three bespoke coach development programmes which all bear the hallmark of our approach:

  • Coaching with an Edge™ builds extensive skills for the internal specialist consultant or external coach;
  • Coaching with an Edge for Leaders ™ is aimed at leaders who wish to extend their leadership skill with coaching;
  • Team Coaching with an Edge™ is for those leaders or consultants – who wish to develop their teams with coaching skill (for this programme experience of coaching one-on-one is required).