Team Coaching with an Edge

This programme is aimed at leaders and specialist internal coaches who wish to use their established executive coaching skill to support teams.

This experiential and practical programme helps participants to learn:

  • what great teams do well and how to foster healthy team member habits
  • how to support the team to respond appropriately to its context
  • the psychology of teams – team dynamics and what teams do at different stages of growth
  • the role the leader has in supporting team members and the team as a whole in generating sustainable high performance
  • how to embed a team action and learning rhythm in the team’s work using our Centre for Teams T.E.A.M Rhythm™ model
  • the knowledge and skill to be able to challenge and support the team to achieve more over time

Currently offered as a tailored programme to organisations, Team Coaching with an Edge™ will typically comprise a minimum of 6 workshop days, one-to-one support, prescribed reading and virtual learning sessions and requires participants to coach a team within the life of the programme.