One-to-one Leadership Coaching

We support CEOs, Directors and Senior Leaders to lead their teams and their organisations with energy, confidence and focus.

We typically coach leaders in one of three situations: broadside with a team coaching programme; or as stand-alone coaching; or as part of a cohort of the organisation’s leaders.

We help leaders address some of the essential leadership challenges and engender leadership growth, capability and well-being.

Our one-to-one leadership coaching programme typically involves this 4-step framework:

  • Clarity and Agreement of coaching goals with the leader and the programme sponsor – this process allows for confidentiality and accountability and alignment of goals.
  • Improved self-awareness through the use of best in class psychometric instruments and 360° feedback by accredited practitioners. Your coach will discuss the results in a way that is supportive and provides you with valuable insight.
  • Challenge and Support: a series of between four and eight, 2-3 hour coaching sessions usually away from your office to focus on the goals agreed. If a sound relationship with your coach already exists, Skype/Hangout/telephone sessions are also an option.
  • Evaluation and Review: A review of the individual’s progress against goals, business value and any further feedback, with the sponsor and leader.

Leadership Coaching Focus sessions

There is often one particular area that the leader feels requires focus and that we specialise in during the sessions:

  • Leading your Team to Sustainable High Performance
  • Enhancing Performance, Learning and Enjoyment in yourself and in others
  • Well-being for Senior Leaders and their organisations
  • Leading major change
  • Virtual Team Leadership
  • Your first 100 Days in office
  • Strategic Leadership: Influencing others in the wider system