Senior Leadership Development

We provide tailored leadership development solutions to support senior leaders and wider leadership groups to develop the clarity and skill they need to lead effectively. We place a particular emphasis on their leadership of smaller teams, which we see as the forgotten art.

Our approach involves understanding the business need for leadership development as well as what is operationally required of leaders in the business. From this platform we devise the most effective learning process to set the leadership development programme up for success.

This may be structured around a more traditional ‘reputation and identity’ model of leadership development that assists the leader in how others see them (often through a robust 360°) and how they see themselves (through modern personality profiles), along with group exercises that helpfully reveal patterns of behaviour.

A more systems oriented approach can be taken in which leaders begin to build their own response to organisational challenges and learn through their experience of applying their own solutions.

Using best in class assessment tools and a view of leadership that is modern and practical, our ‘understand, design and test, implement and evaluate’ process enables organisations to build leadership capability and talent for the future.

We also contribute to existing leadership and talent programmes where there is a particular need to focus on personal or team leadership or coaching.