Senior Leadership Group Coaching

Often emerging from our work with leadership teams, Group Leadership Coaching helps a group of leaders in an organisation to rapidly re-focus how they operate individually and collectively to meet fresh and often urgent business demands. It is designed to be appropriately challenging and a key support in periods of change.

This programme involves a period of participant preparation prior to a 2-day workshop at a suitable off-site venue. During the workshop we will invite leaders to share the feedback they have received (usually from a robust 360°) and their learning from personality profiles, with their peers in an open forum, and to engage in group exercises which helpfully reveal patterns of behaviour.

For those constituting a leadership team, this is a powerful way of sharpening their self-awareness in the context of their collective and individual leadership challenges. It also assists in building the skills of challenge and support – which are critical team-member skills – and provides a ‘hot house’ for productive habits and productive team relationships.