Programmes For Teams

We help teams at all stages of their growth to be more successful. Often, this is about making better connections – with each other, with staff, with clients, with stakeholders. It is also about continuing to learn: learning together how to be adaptive to business needs, how to get ‘unstuck’, how to maintain momentum– and continuing to learn as a team how great performance can be created and sustained.

With us, you and your team will be able to:

  • Articulate in a compelling way what you are seeking to create
  • Establish activities that will lead to superior performance and change
  • Develop the right kind of leadership for the team and the context
  • Create a strong identity founded on commitment and trust
  • Connect well and influence effectively its context and key stakeholders
  • Set up a rhythm to the way the team learns from its experiences

Our T.E.A.M RhythmTM model helps a team be clear on what it needs to address over time and to establish a cycle of continuous improvement in its work together. All our programmes are influenced by this evidenced-based approach to working effectively together.

For Leadership Teams, we offer a fully integrated suite of team coaching programmes. Whilst we tailor each activity to a team’s needs and its context, we know what works and will advise on how best to achieve the outcomes you seek.

We call the first step for each project ‘Understanding the Team’. From this initial assessment, we craft a combination of targeted short programmes, a comprehensive ‘Team Excellence’ programme, or a specialist programme, depending on client need. With each programme we aim to help the team capture opportunities for growth and build a rhythm of continuous improvement. Throughout each intervention we assess with our clients the return on expectation and investment.

We also deliver mini stand-alone ‘Key Note sessions’ on a range of topics that can be included in your own team event or as a breakfast or lunch time session.