Key Note Sessions

Our Key Note sessions comprise 2-hour or half-day sessions to raise awareness and start a conversation about some of the current key topics for leadership teams. They are intended to be engaging, enjoyable and to leave people with something new to think about. The sessions can be built into your own organisation’s team away event, or as a breakfast or lunchtime continuous learning session. Topics can be tailored and can be a one off event, or a series of talks. Current themes include:

Establishing the T.E.A.M. Rhythm™

Does your team want to make a difference? This session shares the habits that great teams have that predict their success, and how to establish a rhythm for your team that enables you to keep on learning from your work together.

How Well is your Business?

If your firm provides a Yoga session on a Thursday lunch-time then it will have thought about the connection between well-being and performance. And yet, will that cut it? What should the modern firm be doing to safeguard the physical and psychological health of its teams and staff?

Selection for Excellence

When new in post you may want to take a fresh look at your own team. What counts in the process? What can guide your decisions? What difference does team composition make in driving value, particularly in the Executive Team? David Cooper from Cooper Limon leads this session.

Being a Better Board

Dr Sabine Demkowski, from Better Boards, talks about the critical elements which go to make up board effectiveness, especially in situations where the stakes are high. And how can an executive team be supported to play its best game? Lessons from the front line and from research.

The Inner Life of Teams

Teams can be frustrating and the source of huge enjoyment and progress. And sometimes in the same week. So what is really going on inside the ‘mind’ of the team?

Virtual Teaming

Modern technology and company structures mean that team leaders and team members need to be good at virtual teaming. So what does the research say about what is critical when the team is not together? How can team members still make significant contribution?

The Art of Listening

The ‘common cold’ of leadership and the modern organizations – so said Daniel Goleman about the inability of leaders to listen. So what is happening in the listening process and how can you improve? (And what can be gained from improving this critical skill?)