Team Coaching Programmes

What is Team Coaching? We see Team Coaching as a critical activity in the success of the team. Its purpose is to challenge and support the team to create and sustain high performance in service of their organisation.

What does a coach do? The coach or indeed the leader is doing three things:

  • Facilitate conversation to produce output and agreement
  • Develop team knowledge and skill
  • Build effective relationships and ways of working

What can you create by using this approach? This creates what Centre for Teams calls the ‘3Ms of Team Excellence’:

  • Mobility: The team’s ability to move itself towards its goals, proactively
  • Momentum: The team’s ability to maintain a rhythm of action and reflection
  • Mindfulness: The team’s habit of being aware of what the team is doing and what it is getting in order to take corrective action before it becomes critical

There is a rhythm to great teamwork – one which quickens and slows to accommodate different phases of the delivery cycle. This is why we have been developing our T.E.A.M Rhythm™ approach – a practical lens through which a team’s activity can be examined and improved and through which the team can then sustain its own success.

Have a look at the four core ‘team coaching programmes’ above and see which one fits your needs.