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We support organisations to transform their leaders and teams by enabling them to learn, adapt and thrive through exceptional Teamship.

Evidence-based research and over 20 years of experience have taught us a simple fact.
For any organisation, great teams are the best source of competitive advantage.
Poor Teams corrode advantage and resource.
Great leaders know that.
What sort of team do you belong to?

About Brooklyn

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About Brooklyn


Teamship is about ensuring that the core elements are in place that enable an organisation to thrive and to achieve strong and sustainable results through effective collective endeavour.

For a team, it means rallying around a compelling common purpose which aligns with stakeholder need and nurturing a healthy and effective team dynamic, which enables the team to continuously evolve and adapt.

For an organisation, it means high-quality alignment and collaboration across boundaries to create a learning organisation.

Our work enables leaders to understand, apply, embed and reap the rewards of great teamship – in order that they, their teams and their organisations can adapt and thrive.

About Brooklyn

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To learn more about Teamship, subscribe to our very own Podcast Time to Thrive. Whether you are a CEO, a team lead, or a team coaching psychologist, this is the podcast for you!

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About Brooklyn

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