Why Centre for Teams?

About Us

The Centre for Teams is the home of Teamship.

Our clients operate nationally and globally in a variety of markets, from fast-growth tech to more stable but complex, high-risk sectors.

All see investment in their teams as paramount to success.

If you are leading, part of, and supporting great teams in whatever context, we invite you to join the conversation and the drive for the development of team excellence that enables both organisations and their people to thrive.

The Centre for Teams was established in 2003 by David Webster, Chartered Occupational and Coaching Psychologist, and now includes Partners and Associates with a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in Teamship, Leadership, and Coaching.


We support organisations to transform their leaders and teams by enabling them to learn, adapt and thrive through exceptional Teamship.

In fulfilling our Purpose, we aim to be our clients’ coach and trusted advisor on:

  • Teamship: What is required to enable this team to not just survive, but to adapt and thrive, sustaining learning and performance in service of the team and the wider organisational objectives?
  • Team Membership: How can this team make the most of the talent, skill, and experience that each team member brings in the team’s work and meaningful endeavour?
  • Team Leadership: What is required of me and others, to lead and manage this team even more effectively?
  • Coaching the Team: What do I need to learn to effectively use coaching skills to develop and sustain the development and performance of me, my colleagues and my team?
  • Creating learning systems, learning organisations: How do we connect teams and departments across the organisation, lowering barriers, reducing silo working, and engaging the whole in order to drive value?
  • Sustainability and in learning and wellbeing: How can we ensure that what we do is sustainable over time and supports a growth mindset with ever-greater wellbeing in teams?


We are a value-based consultancy with a strong service ethic and seek to establish strong partnership with clients and collaborators alike.

We design and deliver our work based on a series of value-based principles, which we consistently aim to apply and to learn how to apply more fully.

  1. We add value – creating interventions which create and add practical, measurable, and felt value to your business
  2. We create lasting impact – on you and your people, instilling the habits of continuous learning and improvement which resonates long after we have left the room
  3. We are experts in what we do – we bring our expertise, learning, evidenced-based knowledge, and experience of ‘teamship’ in all its forms, to create lasting, artfully applied solutions
  4. We act with courage – in service of adding value and creating sustainable impact, and we invite our clients to do the same
  5. We create integrated change – working to shift unhelpful patterns of behaviour and create ‘systemic change’ across your organisation
  6. We are your partners for change – creating with you a collaborative partnership in which powerful conversations and substantive and meaningful change becomes possible






Our Clients

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