Team to Team Development

We provide the catalyst for organisational alignment and performance through ‘team to team’ working.

Our work creates whole systems change of real depth that ensures:

  • The end of silo working
  • A truly shared vision and purpose for the organisation towards which all leaders and teams are aligned
  • Greater collective learning, impact and clarity of individual and team contribution
  • Release of resource and knowledge through healthy conversation and trust building
  • Drawing in voices and insight from stakeholders, partners and staff which creates greater cohesion, mindset alignment and supports the creation of sustainable change; building leadership capability by enabling leaders and teams to be more ‘systems savvy’ and sustain results more easily.

Teamship Learning Summits

Organisations that actively take time to learn are more successful. We support organisations to establish a Learning Rhythm where regular reflection and learning become part of the organisation’s operational rhythm and culture.


We conduct learning summits from between 15 to 150 people.

  • Teamship Learning Summits: Individual teams from within the organisation are brought together for 1-2 days where team to team learning and performance can be enhanced.
  • Organisational Learning Summits: We bring the principal parts of the organizational ‘system’ together in one day summits to further the creation of a modern Learning Organization. This is one that is characterised by a ‘growth mindset’ where the basic assumption is that the organisation that learns together, particularly through good conversation, is the organisation that will outperform its competitors.


As a result, you will get:

  • Systemic and mindset ‘shift’ in the organisational system by encouraging each part to see itself from multiple perspectives
  • Increasing clarity in role, expectations, commitment, accountability and personal and collective leadership and ownership of change
  • Enrolment in critical change initiatives
  • Co-ordinated action that leads to sustainable change
  • Alignment and therefore greater productivity


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Partnering & Mergers

In delivering great work it is often necessary to collaborate closely with contractor teams or to merge with another organisation. While working in this way can produce great results, it can also present challenges for separate teams and organisations who work in different ways, within different cultures and with different priorities often dictated to by their ‘home’ organisations.


Our Partnering for Excellence and Making Mergers Work Programmes bring together teams from different organisations and support them in understanding each other and the type of relationship they wish to have and then creating new and more effective ways of working together in order that they can deliver together.


These programmes include:

  • Interviews with team members and key stakeholders to understand the current context and issues
  • Design focused on addressing the real issues the team is facing
  • Workshops with the teams together to create understanding and alignment and identify and agree ways forward


As a result, you will get:

  • A genuine partnership with your delivery partners or newly merged colleagues
  • Better decision making between partners through a healthy relationship with sufficient challenge and supportA refreshed collaborative culture that unlocks business value


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Our individual development programmes aim to enable CEOs, Executive Directors and senior leaders to not just do leadership better, but to become better leaders, instilling a growth in mindset and behaviour that is translated into excellence in action.

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Our team is made up of highly experienced coaches and team psychologists, most of whom have over 20 years’ experience supporting senior leaders in global organisations. We will match you with the coach we feel will best suit you and your team.

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