Team Development

Our team is made up of highly experienced coaches and team psychologists, most of whom have over 20 years’ experience supporting senior leaders in global organisations. We will match you with the coach we feel will best suit you and your team.

Whether you are the Executive Team of all or part of the enterprise, a major Project Leadership Team with big ambitions and short timescales, or a Joint Venture Leadership Team bringing together different leaders, our focus is on enabling you to both deliver – and thrive – as a Team.

Our phased approach can be delivered virtually or face to face.


Start to Thrive

Specifically designed for team leaders, this initial phase provides a focused and confidential process that takes you through the practical steps that enable you to ignite ever greater teamship within your team, proving maximum impact with minimum time and financial investment.



  • Examine your team and its ability to deliver for stakeholders through the lens of our Adaptable Team™ Framework
  • Create a short term action plan to enable your team to start to thrive



  • Preparation: You complete 20-minute pre-work
  • 2 x 90-minute virtual sessions, two weeks apart, for you and a nominated ‘deputy’:
    • Session 1: Using our Adaptable Team™ Framework, we invite you to share your observations of the team and its task in context. From this, you start to create a series of ‘experiments’ – or different ways of improving the team
    • Session 2: Sharing and reflecting on the experiments you have been carrying out; arriving at a short term action plan which you can use to guide your leadership of the team to enable it to ‘start to thrive’
  • 1 x 60-minute virtual session four weeks later to ‘check in’ to continue to track progress


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Adaptable TeamTM Asessment

The Adaptable Team™ Framework is our unique way of enabling senior leadership teams to achieve high and sustainable performance. The full assessment enables the entire team to be enrolled in the development process, and to understand the results through a half-day virtual session that clarifies what is happening within the team and key areas of focus and development for the future.


The Assessment will create:

  • A clear and truly shared picture of the team in its context
  • Energy for change and delivery
  • An agreed platform for performance and learning





  • Team members are interviewed one to one
  • Team members complete our 20-minute online assessment
  • Team leader and the coach discuss the reports produced
  • Team members discuss the findings and agree a way forward in a half-day virtual session
  • Within five days, the team leader and the coach share their reflections and further recommendations

*We recommend this process is carried out no more than three months prior to engaging in the Direction of Travel process to ensure the data is still current.


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Direction of Travel Workshop

Once you have completed the Adaptable Team™ Assessment and understand what is happening within you team, the next phase is to clarify your Direction of Travel – again, as team – and understand what will enable you to thrive as you move towards your goals.


This two-day offsite (virtual or face to face) will help you do just that.



  • With your team, align on a clear team purpose, goals and ways of working such that all team members hold a genuinely shared desire and set of agreements enabling them to thrive and to deliver


As a result, you and your team will have:

  • A clear understanding of where your team is and where it wants to be
  • A Direction of Travel map for the team’s work together
  • Team based performance and learning goals
  • Practical agreements on expectations, roles and goals
  • Confirmed the team’s purpose and clarity of stakeholder need
  • An operational and team learning rhythm
  • Enhanced personal and professional relationships which actively support delivery
  • Agreed expectations between the leader and the team


For teams larger than six, two coaches will work with you and your team.


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Sustaining Delivery

A tailored series of virtual or in-person workshops which follow the Direction of Travel Workshop over the course of a year. This process supports you to keep the team on track and sustain learning and improvement in its work together, and to become a fully Adaptable Team™.


To sustain team learning and performance, we work with you to maintain the team’s effort and focus over time, supporting the team through a series of workshops over an agreed period to:

  • Embed the ways of working into effective team habit
  • Ensure a high functioning dynamic aligned with high and sustainable performance
  • Ensure effective ongoing support for the team and team members
  • Re-enforce an effective operational and learning rhythm for the team


As a result, you will have:

  • Followed the Direction of Travel plan
  • Better leaders turning in a better collective performance
  • Substantially reduced ‘process-loss’
  • A substantially enhanced team dynamic
  • Progressed the learning and performance of the team
  • Established a virtuous cycle of continuous and increased team effectiveness by using the team’s own experience of itself to aid ‘live’ learning
  • Ensured the team has gained the very best from each team member by identifying and deploying team preferences and strengths


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Our individual development programmes aim to enable CEOs, Executive Directors and senior leaders to not just do leadership better, but to become better leaders, instilling a growth in mindset and behaviour that is translated into excellence in action.

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We provide the catalyst for organisational alignment and performance through ‘team to team’ working. Our work creates whole systems change of real depth to ensure a shared vision is realised through collective trust and ‘system savvy’ teams.

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