Team Leadership & Team Membership

Our individual development programmes aim to enable CEOs, Executive Directors and senior leaders to not just do leadership better, but to become better leaders, instilling a growth in mindset and behaviour that is translated into excellence in action.

Our work ensures that dedicated time and a confidential space is created for leaders to develop their own capabilities, strengths, and confidence in their role, as a team leader or in their leadership and contribution as a member the team.

This work may focus on particular contextual challenges or on such areas as virtual teamship, resilience, the first ‘100 days’, the leadership of change or being ‘system savvy’.

Team Leadership: Refresh & Thrive

Our Refresh and Thrive programme provides a focussed series of development sessions for those who recognise the need to refresh their leadership of their team, shift unproductive leadership behaviours, or rekindle their team leadership in preparation or response to emerging challenges.



  • Refresh your leadership of yourself and your team by use of the Adaptable Team™ Framework
  • Create a short term action plan to enable your leadership to be refreshed and for you to thrive.



  • 1 x 60-minute session with your coach to craft ‘refresh and thrive’ goals
  • 1 x 30-minute session with your sponsor if appropriate
  • We administer the Adaptable Team™ Leader 360° Assessment gaining insight from your team members; and a practical preference based personality profile to deepen understanding of your unique contribution to the team as leader
  • 4 x 1.5 hour virtual coaching sessions:
    • The assessments are debriefed creating insight on strengths and blind spots
    • You create a series of leadership ‘experiments’ – fresh ways of leading
    • A learning and performance plan which aligns with stakeholder need
  • A virtual 30-minute session with your sponsor is appropriate to check progress


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Team Leadership & Membership Coaching

Our series of longer-term one-to-one coaching programmes operate as either stand-alone interventions or as an integrated part of a wider team coaching programme.



  • Generate deep insight into the leader’s reputation and identity through comprehensive 360° feedback and psychometrics
  • Close the gap between knowing what to do and be able to apply that learning for the benefit of the team and the organisation
  • Create full alignment with the needs of the team and the organisation



  • Contracting and Goals: 1 x 60-minute session, creating clarity and alignment on coaching goals with the leader and the sponsor ensuring confidentiality and accountability
  • Exploration and understanding: Enabling increased self-awareness using the best in class psychometric instruments and 360° feedback by accredited practitioners and highly experienced coaches
  • Challenge, Support and Insight: 8 x 1.5-hour virtual sessions (or 6 x 2-hour in person)
  • Evaluation and Review: 1 x 60 minute review of progress against goals, business value and ‘return on expectation’ with the sponsor and leader


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Coaching with an EdgeTM

The modern leader and team member are required not only to lead and manage, but also to coach others to develop their capability and leadership potential.
In the environment in which leaders now operate, this is no longer an option but a fundamental requirement if they are to enable increased levels of accountability and ownership in the team, enhancement of working relationships, greater engagement, innovation, and productivity.


Coaching with an Edge™, developed over 10 years, is a modular programme specifically designed to equip team leaders, team members and specialist consultants with not only the skills and abilities, but also the mindset and approach that enables them to coach others.
Each module requires elements of preparation and pre-reading, interactive and experiential workshops, with a focus on live coaching practice, together with the development of a portfolio of learning.


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  • Foundation (three days): Understand and apply with increasing confidence the core coaching skills and approaches, while being clear on what needs to be learnt and unlearnt to be able to coach others safely and effectively.
  • Advanced (three days): Build higher levels of skill and competence in working with more challenging scenarios, including change and transition and beliefs and values. Use positive psychology and a strength-based approach effectively, while raising awareness as to the dynamics in any coaching relationship, and how to manage these effectively.
  • Practitioner (three days): Achieve the level of capability that enables work as professional coaching ‘practitioner’. Effectively support other senior leaders and teams, within complex systems and the organisational culture. How to sustain coaching habits and practice through continuous learning and coaching supervision.


The programme has been designed based on our extensive experience of training and developing coaches over the last 20 years and is cross-referenced with competency frameworks developed by the major accrediting bodies (ICF and EMCC).


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Our team is made up of highly experienced coaches and team psychologists, most of whom have over 20 years’ experience supporting senior leaders in global organisations. We will match you with the coach we feel will best suit you and your team.

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We provide the catalyst for organisational alignment and performance through ‘team to team’ working. Our work creates whole systems change of real depth to ensure a shared vision is realised through collective trust and ‘system savvy’ teams.

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