22nd December 2020 David Webster

Culture Change for Performance

What was at stake?
AkerBP is a highly innovative and fast-moving Norwegian E&P oil and gas business and the largest independent oil company in Europe. Its market position rests on efficiency and it selected the lean methodology and culture to drive a shift in culture to align with its ambitions.

What did we do?
The lean change team developed clarity of purpose and a compelling goal set which aligned with the ambitions of the business. It created a rich picture of the system it wished to influence both directly as well as indirectly and enhanced the relationships within the team, developing trust and confidence to deliver. Through expert training, they raised awareness in a large group of champions and created a lean approach, adopted by the assets and endorsed by the executive team.

What was the outcome?
Lean is now the accepted manner in which continuous improvement is implemented across a business with 1,300 employees and six assets off the coast of Norway.

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