22nd December 2020 David Webster

Whole Systems Alignment

What was at stake?
Working with a parastatal organisation in Namibia, that needed to make wide-ranging changes to enable greater performance.

What did we do?
We initially supported the CEO to articulate his vision for the organisation and specify the changes he saw as critical to the organisation’s future. We then supported the CEO with his senior leadership team to align behind the vision and create greater understanding of the impact they collectively wanted to make across the organisation. As each layer of the organisation was drawn into the programme, we enabled them to find their purpose in the greater vision of the business and to ‘take up’ their leadership – we believe it is possible to lead, whatever your position. We worked ‘team to team’ to instil the sharing of learning across organisational boundaries and to support the emerging culture of a learning organisation. Finally, we supported the partner organisations across southern Africa to widen the organisation’s influence and enrol partners in championing the new direction.

What was the outcome?
The organisation went on to be recognised as an industry leader for its bold thinking, staff engagement and employee commitment.

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