10th February 2024 Chris Sheepshanks

Beyond Traditional Consulting: The Impact Of Leadership Coaching

A consultant giving strategic leadership consulting to their client to help them improve as a leader.

Leadership coaching services are often treated as part of general business consulting, but while there is overlap between the two services, both have quite different methodologies and endpoints. In a business consulting model, a consultant comes in from a third party and helps you to dissect a problem, often pointing out areas for improvement and where things can be changed.

The consultant is the one who identifies what’s wrong, provides advice, and often, helps implement the solution. The business consultant is an external agent implementing the change from the outside.

A leadership business coach has a slightly different role. Their role is to empower you and your management team to be better leaders, so that you can identify improvements and make efficiencies internally, so that the change comes from the inside.

While the benefit of a business consultant is often only present while the consultant is directly working with you, leadership coaching and consulting can have a long-term impact on the way you operate your organisation, even after the coach has left.

Let’s take a look at the ways in which leadership coaching can support you:

1.Enhanced Decision-Making Capabilities

Leadership coaching can sharpen a business leader’s ability to make informed decisions – often at short notice and armed with limited information – by providing you with the tools and frameworks you need to assess situations more comprehensively and objectively. For example, your coach might work with you to improve your critical thinking under pressure, helping you to consider a broader range of factors, potential outcomes, and risks. The result is a long-term improvement in the way you can make informed, strategic, and timely decisions at an organisational and team level.

2.Improved Emotional Intelligence

A core aspect of leadership coaching and consulting is the cultivation of so-called emotional intelligence, or EQ, which is a crucial but underrated component of successful leadership. Coaches work with leaders to help them understand and manage their own emotions, as well as recognise and work with the emotional states of other people. Stronger EQ can lead to better communication, better relationships with senior colleagues and team members, and a more cohesive working environment. It can also help you navigate complex interpersonal dynamics and resolve conflicts more effectively, as well as reducing overall workplace stress.

3.Sustainability And Accountability

Working with a leadership coach can help you adopt more sustainable practices within your leadership style and organisational strategy, fostering a mindset geared towards long-term success rather than solely short-term gains. This has strong implications for a way that an organisation plans its expenditure and mid-to long-term growth strategies. A coach can also improve the way that leaders are accountable for their actions and decisions, encouraging reflection, humility, and learning. This accountability supports both personal and professional growth and helps to ensure that commitments are followed through, as well as increasing the credibility of your company’s management team in the eyes of employees.

4.Increased Agility And Innovation

Managers and business leaders are as prone to habitual practices and rigid modes of thinking as anyone else in an organisation. Leadership coaching empowers you and your senior team to become more mindful of the ways in which you make decisions and confront day-to-day challenges, encouraging you to challenge the status quo, think outside the box, and be more receptive to new ideas and approaches. This makes it easier for you to develop innovative solutions to the challenges you face and strengthens your organisation’s ability to quickly adapt to changes and to seize new opportunities.

Leadership Coaching Services From Centre For Teams

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