10th December 2020 David Webster

Coaching with an Edge Supports RLG to Save Clients $millions


What was at stake?
RLG International is a winner of Canada’s best Company award. Their project managers and team leaders operate around the globe in complex and challenging environments oil and gas, shipbuilding and aerospace with multiple stakeholders with the aim of saving clients millions of dollars every year. Their coaching needed to be ‘Coaching with an Edge’ and this became the name of the programme.

What did we do?
Together we crafted a programme which over 150 RLGers have been through. The purpose is to develop participant’s confidence and competence to support clients to generate sustainable performance and the programme has real bite supporting and challenging participants to take a stand for excellent in their client group, believing their client could be excellent, even if the client early on did not see their own potential.
It is a highly experiential learning process which includes live practice within and beyond the two conferences of contact time, within line support in application from senior leaders, mentoring, material to feed thinking and a learning portfolio connected directly to application and business outcomes.

What was the outcome?
The programme has a Net Promoter Score of 100% with participants and senior leaders applauding the relevance of the material to their work and the quality of the tutors. They report that their ability to drive results in their projects has been significantly enhanced.

What do people say?
“An excellent program. Thank you for the insight and learning.”
“I am immeasurably changed as a coach and individual in so many positive ways.”
“A brilliant programme filled with the relevant material and tools. This course has been the best training I have taken. It has truly helped me develop and better understand how I can drive change.”
“This was far and away the best course I’ve ever been on while in consulting. The insights have helped me develop as a coach and significantly benefit my chief clients.”
“This has been the best professional and personal development course I have ever been on, and I can count quite a few.”
“This course literally changed our lives. We have become more confident and more effective as coaches, and able to achieve better results and enjoy our work.”

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